The system administrator can remove a student or students from an assigned test in a few steps. Students who have scores associated with their test assignments cannot be removed, but scores can be nullified on the back end of the system, on a case by case basis, as instructed by administration.

  1. From the Tests tab, choose Online Test Management.
  2. Locate the test you want to work with.
  3. Click the link to the number of students assigned. 

  4. From the list of students assigned to the test you selected, click the check box next to the name of the student who you wish to remove.
  5. From the Action pull-down, choose Remove Assignment.
  6. Click Go.

  7. In the message that appears, click OK to confirm that you want to remove the test assignment.
  8. Upon successful removal, you will see this message: Removed assigned students successfullynear the top right of the screen.