Welcome to INFORM Journeys. You can navigate Career Exploration through three different methods: the Interest Survey, Search Bar, and zooming in and out of the Map. Use this article as a general guide of links to take you through the site and make your first Journey

Set Up Your Profile

Navigate to INFORM Journeys. Login with your username and password. Then select: Sign In. (Don't like your password? Click HERE to learn how to change it.)

Interact with your customizable Dashboard. Hover over each widget with your cursor to enable editing. Follow the steps on the Journeys site or the linked articles to Upload a Profile Picture, Add a Cover Photo, About Me, and more!

You can also add a Dream Job, a Role Model, and Enter the schools you have attended.

Explore: The Interest Survey

Scroll down your Dashboard to take your Interest Survey. Find more detailed instructions HERE.

After you've completed the survey, check out your RESULTS, look into JOBS, explore Learn More Pages, and Find Resources

Explore: Interacting with the Map

The map houses information about careers and pathways. Learn the different ways to navigate HERE. Share what you find, read the Learn More Pages, and even contribute to our pages by Sharing a Resource about a map item!

You can also Explore Colleges and Follow them, too!

You can find all the items you have followed on your Dashboard; instructions are HERE.

Don't forget to learn how to make and save a Journey! Once they are made, you can look at their resources, see them on the Map, or delete them if you need. 

All these articles are on the help page... Here's how to get there from your Journeys pages

Now you're ready to move through Journeys on your own. Have fun exploring!