Welcome to INFORM Journeys. You can navigate Career Exploration through three different methods: the Interest Survey, Search Bar, and zooming in and out of the Map. Use this article as a general guide of links to take you through the site and make your first Journey.


    Navigate to Journeys at https://journeys.edmin.com. Login with your username and password. Then select: Sign In

            (Don't like your PASSWORD? Read below how to change it.)

  Once you are signed in, click on the image at the top-right corner 

  Select Profile next to the paper airplane icon.

 Select Edit Account

Select Change Password. Don't forget to Save your changes!

        Interact with your customizable Dashboard. Hover over each widget with your cursor to enable editing.

                Upload a PROFILE PICTURE

From your Dashboard navigate to your Profile Picture.

Hover over your Profile Picture, and select the Camera Icon.

Select the Upload a Profile Picture Button.

Find an image that you want to use. Select Open.

Crop your photo.

 Select Done.

Then select Save!


                On your Dashboard, hover over the Cover Photo; select the Camera Icon.

Select the Upload a Cover Photo Button.

Find an image that you want to use. Select Open

Adjust the crop of your image and select Done.

Then select Save!

    Edit ABOUT ME

On the About Me Widget, select Add About Me.

Select the Pencil icon to edit the widget.Type out a few fun details about yourself! 

Select the Pencil icon again to save your quick autobiography when you’re finished.

                Edit DREAM JOB

From your Dashboard navigate to the Dream Job Widget

                                                                    Select Add Dreams to edit the widget.

Type out your dream job in the Job Title search bar; select it or hit enter

Select the Save button when you’re done!

                Edit ROLE MODEL

On your Dashboard navigate to Role Model widget; select Add Role Model.

Type out your role models (up to three) in the role model search bar.

Select the Add Another Role Model button.

Select the Save button when you’re done!

                Enter EDUCATION

On Dashboard Education Widget, select the Add Schools button.

Type your School’s name into the Search Bar, enter the dates of your attendance, or check the I Currently Attend if this is where you are enrolled now.

Select Add More Education to move your entry to the right side display. Repeat step 3 until all the education you wish to display is entered.

Select Save or the entries will not show on the Dashboard.


Navigate to the Dashboard.

Locate the Search Bar at the top of your Dashboard.

Type in a Career to do a quick search! Click on Map Locations.

Select the Career Card to be automatically transferred to the Map.

Explore: The Interest Survey

        Scroll down your Dashboard to take your INTEREST SURVEY.

Scroll to the Interest Survey Widget. Select Take the Survey.

 Complete all 60 questions by selecting the Emoticon that best describes your feelings towards the description. Select Next at the bottom of the screen.

Select Finish on the last screen. 

This will take you to your Results Page.

Scroll down the page. Select View All Recommended Careers at the bottom of the page to see every recommendation, or select Go Back to Dashboard to be redirected.

*These results will be published automatically to your Dashboard.

                INTEREST SURVEY RESULTS PAGE After you've completed the survey, check out how to interact with your results.

After completing the Interest Survey, you’ll see your Top Strengths on the Results Page. Not sure what realistic or investigative means? Select Read More to see a definition for each strength.

Scroll down to check out Recommended Careers based off of your survey results. To read more about each career recommended for you select Learn More. If you’re curious about all of the careers that match your results select View All.

Not happy with your results? Select Retake Interest Survey.

When you’re finished, select Go Back to Dashboard.

Look into JOBS

Select Dashboard from the navigation bar. Scroll down to Recommended Careers for You. Select View All.

Find the Career you want, and select Learn More. 

Select the Find Opportunities widget. If you would like to adjust it, click the                                 Change Location and search where you would like to search open job positions. Select the Jobs                                 briefcase icon.

Another window will open with your results. To view the original job posting                                 on a separate page, select See Job Details beneath the job position you would like to view.

When finished, simply X out of the jobs window.

Finding RESOURCES on Learn More Pages

Scroll down to Recommended Careers for You. Select View All.

Find the Career you want, and select Learn More. 

The Learn More Page allows you to view information relating to the career.

Find Top Resources widget, and select the Resource you want.

Select Go to Resource.

Your selection will open in a new page or tab.

Explore: Interacting with the Map

The map houses information about careers and pathways. 

        Learn the different ways to NAVIGATE

Navigate to the Map from the action bar.

The Journeys Map can be navigated by using the plus and minus icons on the right side of the screen.

 You can can also use your mouse to drag and double click on different areas that interest you. The map will show you more specific data as you zoom-in.

You can even use the Search Bar to discover concepts, classes, colleges, and careers.

SHARE what you find

Select Map from the navigation bar.

Zoom into Career Land.

Find a career that interests you. Select that Career.

Select the Share Icon.

Copy the link and share your location with a friend!


Select Map from the navigation bar.

Select Career on the map.

Select the Learn More Link.

The Career Learn More Page allows you to view all the data inside of career land. 

Checkout everything from how many careers are accessible to you, pathways, choices, skills, abilities, and so much more to help you navigate life’s possibilities!

SUBMIT A RESOURCE about a map item to contribute to our pages

Select a Career that interests you, and select the Learn More Link.

Scroll down to the Submit a Resource widget.

Select the Submit a Resource button.


There are two ways to submit files: copy and paste a URL or choose Select Files.

Select the files you wish to upload and select Open.

Choose the Next button.

Enter a Title and Description, then select Submit. Your file is uploaded!


Select Map from the navigation bar. Zoom into College Land.

Find a Major that interests you, and select a Degree Program.

Select the Learn More Link.

Scroll down to the Recommended Colleges Widget.

Select the View All Link.

Explore over 8,000 academic institutions!

Hover over the i on the College Cards to see quick facts like Undergraduate Students, Tuition, Graduation Rate and Earnings After School!

Select the Learn More Button to see a complete summary of your selected school.

You can search the institutions by entering preferences on the left with regards to Degree, Location, School Name or a more Advanced Search.

If you want to navigate back to the map. Click Map Detail.

FOLLOW Colleges and find them on your DASHBOARD instructions are HERE.

Select Map, zoom into College Land.

Select a Degree Program.

Choose the Learn More Link.

Scroll down to the Recommended Colleges Widget.

Select the Plus Icon of an institution.

You are now following the selected college. 

To view your "following" list, go to your Dashboard.

Find and select the Following link under your profile picture.

Check out the list of map objects you’re following. 

To un-follow, select the plus and heart icons.


        MAKE AND SAVE a Journey

Select Map from the navigation bar.

Zoom into Career Land. 

Find a career that interests you, and select a Career

Select the Journeyman Icon to create a Journey.

Enter your grade level as your Starting Point.

Select your Starting Point from the drop-down list 

Your Journey will be automatically created!

To see turn by turn directions, select See Journey Details.

Click Back to collapse them. 

Click Save to add this Journey to your Dashboard.

This Journey is now saved on your Dashboard & in the tab for                                                                                         My Journeys on the navigation bar.

To see more info about the steps of your Journey, click Details.

Navigate between the steps with the arrows or click Learn More at any stage for additional Information.

        Once made, look at your Journeys' RESOURCES

Select My Journeys from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Select a Journey.

You will be redirected to see the complete breakdown of your selection. Select any part of the Journey by its bubble.

Resources are displayed below. Select any Resource.

Select Go to Resource.

Your selection will open in a new page.

        See them on the MAP

From your Dashboard scroll down to the My Journey widget.

Select the Learn More link of the Journey you would like to see.

Select the blue View On Map button.

You will be automatically taken to the Map and see your Journey!

        DELETE them if you need. 

sample1. From your Dashboard scroll down to the My Journeys Widget. 

2. Select the View All link.

3. Select the green Title of the Journey you want to delete.

4. On the new page, select the red Remove Journey button.

Finding HELP

1. Navigate to your Image or the Image of the Plane in the upper right corner of the screen. You can access our help desk, powered by FreshDesk from any Journeys page, Dashboard, Map or My Journeys

2. Select your Image to reveal a drop down menu.

3. Select the Lifesaver icon that reads Help.

4. You will be automatically redirected to the FreshDesk help website.

Now you're ready to move through Journeys on your own. Have fun exploring!